"The Sound Prince & the Pocket Dragon" is K.M Kennedy's first published Novel and is the first in the series of several books. What began as story telling and drawings with her children on rainy days blossomed into an exciting young adult  / middle grade chapter book series. She's currently working on book two of the series as well a children's picture book, Whisperwood. We can't wait to see what imaginative tale she weaves next!


Amelia Island Book Festival

February 17th 2018

10 AM to 5 PM

Amelia Island, FL

Tri-county Literary Festival

​March 4th 2017

10 AM - 3 PM

Old Santee Canal Park

Moncks Corner, SC 


   There are those who have always suspected it happened, but nothing could ever be proven. Its true, a wizard, a bit of spilled magic, a young prince, and a tiny sea dragon were all involved. It all happened in a chain of islands the Pacific Northwest.
   The wizard was a bit careless, and magic was spilled. Not once or twice, but many times over many years magic was dripped and dropped in his workroom. It caused quite a mess in the end.  A crack opened to a dim world of strange creatures.
The ripple of the spilled magic rolled through time and nearly a hundred years later a young prince Devon finds his realm has crossed the edge of magic. What was fun at first, became a bit frightening. The strange and unusual occurrences began to seem normal. Devon’s father suddenly has a very different personality. A mysterious wind begins to speak to him, and prompts a search for answers. When a tiny sea dragon named Iz moves into his shirt pocket, the quest to find the answers, becomes a journey of adventure, humor, danger, and whimsy.

    I put all the details in the book....its the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Where did the dragon come from? Why does the wind speak to him? Is boldness different than bravery? Join the adventure!

KM Kennedy


K M Kennedy Author Artist Illustrator

D. Donvan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review -

"A delightful read that many parents will want to consider for an extended bedtime read-aloud narrated over a period of evenings. Even though the story's winding complexity is most definitely not a light picture book production, it includes gorgeous drawings and a plot replete with humor, fantasy, adventure and fun, making it a recommendation beyond its middle school readership, extending to elementary levels, as well.
Young adults - indeed, anyone young at heart who enjoys a rollicking good fantasy adventure - will enjoy the blend of whimsy and action in The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon."

Magical Adventures for Children, Middle Graders & Young Adults !

   Mystery, Magic, Action and Adventure !

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