"September Barn" - oil on canvas     - K M Kennedy  

Coming soon, Whisperwood  a children's book in progress. Let your imagination run wild! What could this book be about? 

Kate spends much of her time on a quiet barrier island - Isle of Palms, near Charleston,  South Carolina and frequently returns to the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up. She loves spending time on Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho and exploring the islands of Puget Sound. Living near the sea or a lake is where she finds her magical inspiration. Her two children, Lisa (Iz) and Devon and two calico cats named Ginger and Cali-coon, keep her entertained and inspire her with their adventures. 


Kate has a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Gonzaga University. She worked as a Art Consultant, Artist and Gallery owner for the first part of her career, and is still happily painting, and now has added writing children's, middle grade and (YA) young adult books to her projects. The best part: working from her home studio and just letting her imagination run wild.

"You know the time is right to reinvent yourself when all the pieces come together in joy and bliss."

She hopes her books will create a bit of zeal in every readers journey!


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K M Kennedy Artist Author Illustrator