There are a number of magical places in the Northwest which inspired the book locations, idea's and illustrations. 

I will will put a few of them here, see if you can guess all the locations you are experiencing when you read the book! 

The Beginning of the Journey:

 Devon and the dragon Iz's quest takes you from South Puget Sound, up through Saratoga Passage by Langley, La Conner, Anacortes and through the San Juan Islands and Georgia Straits, to Salt Spring Island off off Vancouver BC. I love the Northwest, and there is something magical about Living in the Pacific Northwest. I love traveling up the coast, through the islands and over the mountains.  Being by the water inspires me to write and paint and illustrate books for children. 

As the adventure begins in the book, Prince Devon is on the beach searching tide pools, and beach combing somewhere on the Pacific Coast.  Its a little bit Washington and Oregon beaches, and tide pools with splash all the islands in Puget Sound, and  and the charm and ambiance of towns like Langley, La Conner, Coupeville, Anacortes, Friday Harbor, Olga, Astoria and Cannon Beach.   

I considered giving The Sound Prince an official name for his realm, but nothing was really standing out of a name for Devon's kingdom.  Maybe I will officially name his home kingdom in the second book. If you have any idea's on great names for an Island realm which would encompass the Pacific Northwest, and San Juan Islands, email me through the contact button.

Maybe a naming contest for a giveaway of free books or such? What do you think?

As Devon's journey continues, he is rescued by whales off of San Juan Island and Lopez island, flies by Decatur Island, and gets stranded on Cabear Island (Orcas Island) and traveling with a cat-bear creature to a hidden cavern of underground hots springs on Mt Constitution on Orcas Island. After he leaves Cabear Island (Orcas) he travels in a leaky boat by Friday Harbor and Shaw Island where he battles a sea creature. Before finally ending up on Salt Fire Island which is about where Waldron's island is located, but named more for Salt Spring Island off Vancouver, BC. 

The hot springs in the book are inspired by on Olympic Peninsula hot springs and Salt Spring Island's hot springs. I have enjoyed a good soak in most of them on several different occasions. How can you not love hot springs?!

I love tidal pools and beach combing for magical treasures and have taken all of the tide pools of Puget Sound and the Sand Juan Islands, as well as all the fun I have on Isle of Palms, SC walking the beach looking for treasure and combined them into magical locations and illustrations. 

I spent a great deal of time on the various islands sitting in favorite coffee shops and cafe's writing and illustrating, or taking a break from writing and illustrating and trying some fun local spots...some of my favorites so far are:

Anacortes: Gotta love the bookstores, galleries and restaurants. I dined at Anthony's, Adrift, Rockfish Grill,  Greek Islands, Dad's diner and other. I enjoyed every bookstore, gallery, and shop. 

La Conner: Station House, Calico Cupboard and Seeds Bistro in La Conner. I stayed with a friend in La Conner for a month last year....we pretty much at at every restaurant and it was all wonderful! I loved the shops, the galleries and I even enjoyed ambiance and of the grocery store. 

Langley: Useless Bay Coffee Company, Primo Cafe, Inn at Langley Restaurant, and I have spent too much time having fun in the Star Store, Bayview Farm and Garden, and the Flower House Cafe.  I stayed in a beach rental off season for about 5 months, and I could write pages about what I loved about Whidbey Island. 

I will keep working on my list of magical places and favorite places to shop, snack, write, paint and illustrate. So keep checking back to see where you too can go for magical inspiration in the Northwest.

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Locations for my books, and were I love to write!

I keep adding to this list!