K M Kennedy Author Artist Illustrator

 - Actor Michael Daly

News Release! October 2016

The Audio Book for"The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon" will be a bit more than a narrated book. Actor & Musically talented Michael James Daly, will be performing and narrating the audio book. Michael is sure to dazzle us with an amazing repertoire of characters voices. He is known for his work in Amelia (Hilary Swank, Richard Gere),Twin Geeks - The Zelinski Brother Unleashed (Lead role). "The Sound Prince & the Pocket Dragon"   Production by Tomcat WorxType your paragraph here. 

Anticipated Release Early 2017

Press Release November 28th, 2016 -  New Book Published 
Isle of Palms, SC November 28, 2016 – What happens when fun turns to fright? When does boldness become true bravery? at does bravery and boldness have in common? Author K. M. Kennedy answers these questions in the release of The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon, her first book in the middle grade fantasy adventure series Sound Prince.

Devon is a lonely, 11-year old prince of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. After an ordinary hunt for beach treasures turns up Iz, a pocket-sized dragon who loves nothing more than a good argument, the North Wind sweeps the pair into a mysterious world populated by strange and magical creatures who teach Devon the true meaning of friendship and honor.

Far below in the Dim World, the soul-stealing Pigworm  rules. Will Devon and Iz be able to best him? Can they return hope and joy to the islands? Are Devon’s mother and father forever lost, or can a boy’s trust and courage bring them back?
In this series debut, Kennedy captures the magic of childhood, where preconceptions and judgement have no place. A career artist and illustrator, Kennedy delivers a storyline about the hidden world between land and sea.

A graduate of Gonzaga University, a career artist and illustrator, Author K.M. Kennedy answers these questions in the release of her first book in the Middle Grade Fantasy Series: The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon. She captures the fun and friendly nature of a child embracing the magical world without preconceptions and judgement.

"A delightful read," said D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, “ the story’s winding complexity is most definitely not a light picture book production, it includes gorgeous drawings and a plot replete with humor fantasy, adventure and fun, making it a recommendation beyond its middle school readership, extending to elementary levels as well.”

The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon will open introduces young readers new fans to a new hero who will challenges their thinking and tickles their hearts. For more information and to purchase this book, please visit www.KMKennedybooks.com. Her Kennedy’s books are available through Indie Book Stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

K.M. Kennedy is available for interviews and appearances. She is from Spokane, Washington, a graduate of Gonzaga University. She lives on both Isle of Palms, SC and in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.